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By placing an order at our store, you consent to the storage and processing of personal data. All data collected by the store are processed solely for the purpose of handling orders. We do not share information with third parties or other institutions. Please be advised that personal information is entirely voluntary. In case of failure to provide the data necessary to perform the contract, the order will not be processed. The customer has the right to inspect and full editing their personal data via the customer panel.

Cookie Policy

Using our shops consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the policies of cookies. In case of disagreement change your browser settings in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, or opt out of the store.

Cookies-short definition.

Cookies (called cookies) are files created and stored on the user's terminal equipment (computer, smartphone, tablet) when you visit sites on the internet. The files contain information that helps identify the device user to the correct page display. The files usually contain information about the origin (the name of the website), the duration (length of life) cookies, browser identifier, possibly unique number created for the user session.

Purpose of use.

The purpose of cookies is to adapt website content according to your preferences User and speed (optimal use) use of the site. They also collect anonymous statistics that inform how users use our stores, which helps to improve the information and the way jejgo display, but without identifying the user.

Managing cookies.

Most web browsers is equipped with mechanisms to manage cookies, including You can block the saving of cookies and delete them from the device. Note, however, that blocking the download of cookies may adversely affect your website resources or to limit its functionality, adjusting the display information to the user's preferences.

Used types of cookies.

For proper use of the shops and sites use session cookies and permanent cookies. The former are temporary files, stored until you log off from the website or close your browser. Secondly remain on the user device over time according to the settings in the file. Permanent cookies can be removed from the web browser by the user.